Center for Parents and Teachers, Inc.

The Healthy Concord project conducted a year of public outreach to determine what will make Concord a healthier place to live and work. Two themes were repeated in interviews, surveys, and discussions: people of all ages in Concord are experiencing stress, with particular concern for youth, and there is desire for safer roads and paths for bicycling, sidewalks for walking and better transportation in general. 

Some members of our community are in what can be called "the sandwich generation", attending to the needs of children as well as elders in their life.  Some of our community members have questions about their own healthy aging.  If this topic is of interest to you, please join Healthy Concord at the next event:

The Maturing Family: Navigating The Journey Sucessfully
March 4th 2015   7-9pm    Willard School 185 Powdermill Road Concord MA
Admission is free, but please register at     or call the Council on Aging at 978-318-3020 to let the COA know you will be attending.

This program is designed to help participants address the following two key questions and associated issues:
  •         Are you informed about the changing health care, financial and legal needs of older adults?
  •         Does your family have a plan to address these issues so that the stability of the family group is not negatively impacted?


The Center for Parents and Teachers (CPT) is based in Concord MA and serves the entire community, including interested persons from throughout the region, supporting families and teachers in what CPT believes are the most important jobs in the world:  raising and educating children, and supporting all members of a family.

The mission of CPT focuses on:

  • Providing programming that will increase parent effectiveness through high quality, low cost workshops and forums;
  • Enhancing preschool and elementary education through professional development workshops, educational resources and classroom materials;
  • Working in partnership with community associations to support the best possible community- wide environment for the healthy growth of children and families.

Our strongly held belief

We believe that our programming, both for parents and teachers, serves to elevate the entire community.

When compassion and civility are increased and practiced in the home and the classroom, children learn a better way of relating and bring these practices into the larger world around them.

When parenting programs are regularly provided in the community that offer skill building and strategies researched and proven to be effective, the incidence of students engaging in risky behaviors is significantly reduced.