Center for Parents and Teachers, Inc.

Attention Parents and Teachers: 

An Introduction to Mindfulness 

Mary Ann Christie Burnside, EdD

As parents and teachers, we naturally care for the children and youth in our lives with our whole selves — hearts, minds and hands.  It’s been said that attention is the purest form of generosity, and we know this to be true from our own experience of direct connection with others.  We often forget that we can direct this generosity toward ourselves.  

Perhaps we think this form of attention selfish, or a luxury.  Modern mindfulness research and over two millennia of mindfulness practice show that attending inward is neither.  Learning how to attend to our selves and our experiences directly brings benefit to us and to all those with whom we interact. 

 Join us for this introductory mindfulness program that focuses on caregivers, whether you are a parent, a teacher or hold a different caregiving role.  In three sessions, we’ll explore basic mindfulness teachings and practices that focus on the body, mind and heart. Each session includes teaching, practice and conversation.  Support is available for those wishing to cultivate a personal practice beyond the three weeks.

 Meets three Thursday evenings beginning June 2, 2016 from 6:30-7:45 at the mindfulness studio, 45 Walden St (1st floor) in Concord Center.

Program is  facilitated by Mary Ann Christie Burnside, founder/teacher of the mindfulness studio 

Space is limited to 12 so sign up quickly if you are interested!  

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This program is an offering through the Center for Parents and Teachers, made possible by a grant from Healthy Concord. 



Thanks to the Concord Public Schools Parent Teacher Groups from our 3 Elementary Schools, we had a fantastic turnout on  Wednesday May 18 at 7PM at the Alcott Elementary School in Concord to hear Dr. Stuart Ablon on the topic of "Rethinking Challenging Behavior: The Collaborative Problem Solving Approach"


Did you miss it?  If so, go to Dr. Ablon's website and learn about Collaborative Problem Solving.

Again, we say a hearty thank you to the three CPS Elementary PTGs for underwriting the cost of this workshop -- we truly appreciate this collaboration!

About the presentation:  There are more than 12 million children in this country with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. Many are treated ineffectively simply because their challenges are poorly misunderstood. Unfortunately, these kids are often considered manipulative, unmotivated and disrespectful. Dr. Stuart Ablon at Think:Kids has a different view. Dr. Ablon teaches a revolutionary, evidence-based approach called Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS) to help kids with behavioral challenges. Dr. Ablon and his colleagues believe these children lack the skill – not the will – to behave appropriately. The Collaborative Problem Solving approach focuses on building helping relationships while developing problem solving, flexibility and frustration tolerance skills. 

J. Stuart Ablon, Ph.D., is the Director of Think:Kids in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. He is also Associate Clinical Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ablon co-founded the Center for Collaborative Problem Solving where he also served as Co-Director from its inception until 2008. Dr. Ablon is co-author of Treating Explosive Kids: The Collaborative Problem Solving Approach and author of numerous articles, chapters and scientific papers on the process and outcome of psychosocial interventions. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Dr. Ablon was recently ranked #5 on the list of the world’s top rated keynote speakers in the academic arena.

Dr. Ablon’s research has been funded by, amongst others, the National Institute of Health, the American Psychological Association, the American Psychoanalytic Association, the International Psychoanalytic Association, the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Institute, and the Endowment for the Advancement of Psychotherapy. Dr. Ablon received his doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and completed his predoctoral and postdoctoral training at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Ablon trains parents, educators, and clinicians and consults to schools and treatment programs throughout the world in the Collaborative Problem Solving approach.



The Center for Parents and Teachers (CPT) is based in Concord MA and serves the entire community, including interested persons from throughout the region, supporting families and teachers in what CPT believes are the most important jobs in the world:  raising and educating children, and supporting all members of a family.

The mission of CPT focuses on:

  • Providing programming that will increase parent effectiveness through high quality, low cost workshops and forums;
  • Enhancing preschool and elementary education through professional development workshops, educational resources and classroom materials;
  • Working in partnership with community associations to support the best possible community- wide environment for the healthy growth of children and families.

Our strongly held belief

We believe that our programming, both for parents and teachers, serves to elevate the entire community.

When compassion and civility are increased and practiced in the home and the classroom, children learn a better way of relating and bring these practices into the larger world around them.

When parenting programs are regularly provided in the community that offer skill building and strategies researched and proven to be effective, the incidence of students engaging in risky behaviors is significantly reduced.