Center for Parents and Teachers, Inc.

Special Announcement!

INSPIRE is a 6-week Parent Support Group Program for parents of children with special needs (4-9 years old) which will be led by Patty Marquis, LICSW


Members of this group will meet other parents who can offer immediate empathy for the unique challenges they face on a daily basis and for the long haul. The group will come up with meaningful topics to them which may include how to:

­   Learn strategies to feel more emotionally balanced on a daily basis.

­   Nurture their individual identity beyond their parenting identity.

­   Cope and reduce the stress of relentless advocacy for their child.

­   Restore trust and hope in their lives by creating positive connections with others and healing disconnections.

­   Gain new perspectives on having more satisfying interactions with their child.

The group will consist of 6-8 members. Each member is asked to make a 6 week commitment to the group.  It will be held on 6 consecutive Monday mornings at the Ripley Administrative Building in Concord MA from 9:30-11AM. The group sessions will start on March 7, 2015 and end on April 11, 2015.  The program is free.  Please click on (or cut and paste into your browser) the following website in order to register.  PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.  THE DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS MONDAY FEB 22nd for Concord residents.  Then it will be opened up to towns throughout the region.  Secure your spot!  Questions?  Please call the Center for Parents and Teachers (the sponsor of this program) at 978-202-1143 or email Sally Quinn Reed at for more information.

Patty Marquis is a seasoned LICSW social worker in private practice in Concord, who counsels individuals, couples and families.  She has also been a parent educator and leader of parent groups since 1977.  She brings her solid knowledge of child development, her counselling experience and her mindfulness mindset to inspire parents to deepen their empathy for themselves and their child.          


The Center for Parents and Teachers (CPT) is based in Concord MA and serves the entire community, including interested persons from throughout the region, supporting families and teachers in what CPT believes are the most important jobs in the world:  raising and educating children, and supporting all members of a family.

The mission of CPT focuses on:

  • Providing programming that will increase parent effectiveness through high quality, low cost workshops and forums;
  • Enhancing preschool and elementary education through professional development workshops, educational resources and classroom materials;
  • Working in partnership with community associations to support the best possible community- wide environment for the healthy growth of children and families.

Our strongly held belief

We believe that our programming, both for parents and teachers, serves to elevate the entire community.

When compassion and civility are increased and practiced in the home and the classroom, children learn a better way of relating and bring these practices into the larger world around them.

When parenting programs are regularly provided in the community that offer skill building and strategies researched and proven to be effective, the incidence of students engaging in risky behaviors is significantly reduced.