“How to Make Devices Not Be Divisive for Our Family: Not Anti-Screen But Pro-Connection to Nature and People”

Thursday evening March 14 at 7 PM

 Willard Elementary School, 185 Powdermill Rd., Concord MA

Free and open to all adults! (appropriate for parents of all ages of children)

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Internationally renowned educator/author Kim John Payne, M.Ed. will discuss

  • How to maintain loving limits, warm, firm and calm discipline and strong family connections in a world  where increasingly “screens are supreme”;
  • How to help our children/youth build focus, grit and good judgment so they do not become overwhelmed with media driven images but can shape their own self esteem, hopes and dreams;
  • How to encourage respect when negative images of adults pervade pop culture;
  • Fitting in with friends. “Won’t my kids be disadvantaged if I limit screen media?” Strategies to help children navigate the peer-pressure and status symbol of devices.
  • Aloneness vs. Loneliness. Helping children know the difference.

The alluring world of no boundaries that screen use develops and how this makes discipline and guidance difficult;
Virtuous vs. Virtual. Building real and enduring relationships with people who will “be there” for you when times get tough.
This workshop is relevant for parents of children of all ages.

About our Presenter: An Australian, Kim John Payne has, for 25 years, worked throughout the world as a counselor, consultant/researcher and educator. The author of many books, including the #1 best-selling parenting book Simplicity Parenting, he has been helping families and educators explore issues such as social difficulties with classmates, attention and behavioral issues at home and school, and emotional issues like defiance, aggression and low self-esteem. Soon to be published: The Simplified Classroom.

“I am not negatively anti screen for kids, but passionately pro connection.  Connection to the things that matter like the natural world, friends, play, family and to their own beautiful but delicate emerging values.  Screens interrupt these crucial connections and that has got to be suspicious,” writes Kim John Payne.