Talking with Your Children About Diversity:
Building Bridges of Understanding, Appreciation and Respect

Presented by esteemed educator and nationally-renowned public
speaker, Principal Baruti Kafele.

Monday, January 14, 2019, 7:30 – 9 PM
Concord-Carlisle High School Auditorium, 500 Walden Street, Concord MA
Free and open to parents and all interested adults.​ To help with our planning please register here

The larger world we live in is dynamic, challenging and often filled with a lot of
tension.  As parents, we encounter opportunities to discuss with our children the
differences between people, whether those differences are racial, ethnic, sexual
identity, gender issues or other. Our children look to us for help in sorting out the
complexity of the world they are just beginning to discover. The news we and
our children are exposed to regularly prompts tough questions.  At times we are
at a loss:  how can we frame our family discussions to help build our children's
understanding of the world they live in, allowing them to be more civil and
inclusive citizens? What if they are the ones feeling misunderstood or excluded?
How do we help them sort through instances of injustice?  How can we prepare
them to respond wisely and compassionately in challenging situations?  Can we
frame our discussions at home so children develop an appreciation for the
richness of diversity?  Recognizing the need to prepare our children for life in an
increasingly interactive global society, can we as parents cultivate a robust civility
in our children, instilling in them the values of inclusivity, flexibility in thinking and
respect for differences?
Come join us for a community program that will touch upon these complex
questions, facilitated by the esteemed educator and nationally-renowned public
speaker, Principal Baruti Kafele.
Our presenter: A highly-regarded urban educator in New Jersey for over twenty
years, Principal Baruti Kafele distinguished himself as a master teacher and a
transformational school leader. One of the most sought-after school leadership
experts in America, Principal Kafele is impacting America’s schools! He has
delivered over two thousand conference and program keynotes, professional
development workshops, parenting seminars and student assemblies over his 32
years of public speaking. Principal Kafele has written extensively on professional
development strategies for creating a positive school climate and culture,
transforming the attitudes of at-risk student populations, motivating Black males
to excel in the classroom and school leadership practices for inspiring school-
wide excellence. In addition to writing several professional articles on these
topics for popular education journals, he is the author of nine books including his
national best-sellers, Closing the Attitude Gap and Motivating Black Males.