November 10, 2018 Saturday Seminar Registration Form (One per person please.)

Name _______________________________School __________________________________________________

School Address __________________________________City __________________State _____ Zip __________

Home Phone (          ) ___________________________Work Phone (           ) __________________________

Required: Email address (please write clearly!  This is how we will communicate instructions/changes to you!) ______________________________________________________________________

TOTAL COST:  $70  (for 5 hr training, workshop materials, light lunch)    I am signing up for Nov 10, 2018

Amount enclosed:  $____________     Please make check payable to:  Center for Parents and Teachers 


Please mail this form (with full payment) to:  Center for Parents and Teachers, 120 Meriam Road, Concord, MA 01742.        Pre-registration is required.  No refunds unless class is cancelled by CPT.  

To support its work with parents and teachers, CPT relies on individual donations, and grants from community organizations such as the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest, Healthy Concord, Concord - Carlisle Regional School District, The Bradford Mills, Concord Printing, Woodman & Eaton PC, CCHS Parents Association, CMS PTG, Elementary PTGs, First Parish Church in Concord, and Lahey Clinic/CHNA 15.   Love what we do? Help us do even more through a tax deductible donation given online at the Supporting CPT tab on this website. Thank You!