January 27, 2018 Saturday Seminar Registration Form (One per person please.)

Name _______________________________School __________________________________________________

School Address __________________________________City __________________State _____ Zip __________

Home Phone (          ) ___________________________Work Phone (           ) __________________________

Required: Email address (please write clearly!  This is how we will communicate instructions/changes to you!) ______________________________________________________________________

TOTAL COST:  $65  (for 5 hr training, workshop materials, light lunch) )    I am signing up for Jan 27, 2018


Amount enclosed:  $____________     Please make check payable to:  Center for Parents and Teachers 


Please mail this form (with full payment) to:  Center for Parents and Teachers, 120 Meriam Road, Concord, MA 01742.        Pre-registration is required.  No refunds unless class is cancelled by CPT.