DEADLINE to Register:  Wednesday March 7, 2018 (Please Note that REGULAR Registration Rate is thru 2/26/18)
Complete the form below and mail with check in full amount made out to: “Center for Parents and Teachers” .
Questions? Email  or call 978-202-1143.  Please note there are no refunds unless CPT needs to cancel program.

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FRIDAY March 16 2018 ECE Conference Registration Form  (PRINT EMAIL CLEARLY!!  One form per person please.)


Name:    ______________________________________________                     School/Center Address:    _________________________

Name of School/Center:  ______________________________________         ______________________________________________

Home Email:    ______________________________________                           Work Email: ___________________________________________

Work Phone:  (            ) __________________________________        Age(s) of children you teach: _________________________

Regular Registration Fee of $85.00 is available through Feb 26th.  After Feb 26 the fee rises to $95 per person.  Please make check
payable to “Center for Parents & Teachers” and mail to:     Center for Parents and Teachers, 120 Meriam Road, Concord, MA 01742.