First Connections Upcoming Program

“Parenting the Challenging Child” Aged 3-6 years old
A Free 6-Week Workshop
Facilitated by Patricia Marquis, LICSW
Location: First Connections
179 Great Road, Suite 104A
Acton, MA 01720
6 Tuesday mornings from 9:30-11:00, beginning April 27, 2018

Challenging children are often very bright and interested in many things. They may also be uncooperative and have a hard time with basic tasks such as mealtimes, dressing, and transitioning between activities.
Does your child . . .

  • struggle to develop appropriate interactions with peers?
  • have tantrums about seemingly insignificant matters?
  • resist your efforts to comfort and calm him or her?
  • behave well in structured school environments, but not at home?

Have you…

  • read parenting books that have been hard to apply to your child?
  • been using discipline techniques that haven’t been effective with your child?
  • tried other seminars or groups that don’t give you the skills you need?
  • wondered if there’s more going on with your child than his same-age peers?

In this workshop you will find other parents who share similar struggles in parenting their child. We will look at:

  • parent-child inborn temperaments and how they affect your interactions
  • sensory issues that might be affecting your child
  • ways to anticipate problems and make appropriate adaptations
  • how you can develop ways to care for and nurture yourself while responding to the needs of your child

Parenting a challenging child on a daily basis can wear you out and take away the joy in your relationships. This is a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your understanding of your child in an effort to improve your day-to-day parenting experiences. With better understanding comes an appreciation of your child’s vulnerabilities and strengths, and pathways to building your child’s self esteem.

Interested? If so, please email Linda at and First Connections will send you a questionnaire to fill out and return. The group facilitator will review the questionnaires and we will let you know if this group is a good match for you. If this isn’t the right program for you, other resources and strategies will be shared.

This program is offered through and underwritten by First Connections, our region’s Coordinated Family and Community Engagement grantee (supported by funds from the Dept. of Early Education and Care).  Check out other support services that First Connections offers to families who have children or grandchildren from birth to age 8 at their website:

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