Professional Development Evening Workshops for Early Childhood Educators, 2018-2019
Please note!! The date for Session IV, originally scheduled for March 27th, has been moved to May 29th
Location: Most Sessions held at the Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main Street, West Concord MA, except for Session III, on Jan 23 (held at Ripley Administration Building)

COST:  $28 per session.  Walk-ins are charged $35 at the door, space permitting.    PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS FOR FUTURE CLASSES  (unless CPT is required to cancel the class for some reason). In case of inclement weather, please call CPT at (978) 202-1145 AFTER 5 P.M. to hear a recorded message about possible cancellation.

Certificates of Attendance:  A certificate awarding 2 Professional Development Hours is given for each evening workshop attended.  Participants can register for as many of these workshops as they wish. Individual certificates given at each session.

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Session I: Wednesday, November 14, 2018  6:30-8:30 PM,   EEC Core Competency:  5
Spoken Word Alive: Putting Your Best Voice Forward in Classroom Storytelling

with Young Children

Presenter: Leeny Del Seamonds. With a face and voice that launched a thousand characters, Leeny is an internationally acclaimed performer, coach, recording artist and professional Voice Actor. Author of Techniques to Rule the Stage: Pathways to Command Your Story Performance, her animated and uplifting tales and tunes reflect her love of people and desire to embrace life to its fullest. From a prized television show to a village in Gengcun, China, to the Comix Club in NYC to the National Storytelling Festival and Cayman Islands International Storytelling Festival, Leeny encourages listeners to rejoice in human and cultural diversity, inviting them to share in her Cuban-American sense of humor and joy of performing.  Winner of the National Storytelling Network ORACLE Circle of Excellence Award and awarded the title 2002 National Storyteller of the Year®, Leeny Del Seamonds is recipient of Parents’ Choice Gold & Silver Awards, a Storytelling World Winner Award and an iParenting Media Winner Award.

Storytelling is a powerful way to bring circle-time (and other parts of the school day) to life.  Teachers can use characters to address difficult behaviors without singling children out as well as illustrate how life challenges can be overcome through the lessons from fables and beloved legends.  However, teachers are often hesitant when it comes to changing their voices, "coloring them", and bringing characters to life through pitch and phonation.  Leeny will offer participants keys to healthy phonation, effective pitch, and ways to work with one's "level of excitement" when projecting one's voice during storytelling.  Following this workshop, early childhood teachers will feel more empowered to incorporate storytelling in their work with young children.  

Session II: Wednesday, December 5, 2018  6:30-8:30 PM,  EEC Core Competency: 4
Food for Thought*

Presenter: Jeanine Fitzgerald. With experience as a certified teacher, mental health professional and mother of three grown children, she presents workshops throughout the country. She is recognized on the federal level as an approved trainer in the fields of education, disabilities and mental health.  Author of The Dance of Interaction and a national training program entitled Education with Insight, she is currently completing her second and third books, Educating the Heart and Through the Eyes of A Child.

This generation of children has the highest rate of food allergies, obesity, emotional and behavioral diagnoses, autoimmune disease and learning challenges ever recorded. And while we prefer to look for the quick fix, there are hidden connections between nutrition and these challenges. If our current approaches considered nutrition as having preventive and healing properties, we would waste less money on evaluations, lab tests and medications that do not solve the challenges, but mask or treat the symptoms. This session examines ways that nutrition impacts a child’s energy, learning and susceptibility to the diagnoses of ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and others. It offers scientifically-proven approaches that have led to real-life solutions.
* This workshop includes material that is applicable to the needs of diverse learners and children with special needs. 

Session III: Wed, Jan 23, 2019 (Please also hold snow date: Jan 30) 6:30-8:30 PM,  EEC Core Comp: 1
Visual and Fine Motor Strategies for Preschoolers*   Registration Closed - Session Filled

Presenter: Donna Balmuth M.A., OTR/L. Donna has been an Occupational Therapist since 1987 and has been working with children for 29 years. Donna presently works at Concord’s Integrated Preschool, and has been employed by the Concord Public School system since 1994, preschool through grade 5.

This experiential workshop will cover visual and fine motor development, as well as the motor skills necessary for kindergarteners.  Participants will learn strategies on how to help preschoolers develop these skills. They will be provided with hands-on activities and explore various equipment.  Come away having learned practical techniques that support children’s development in this critically important area!

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS BEING HELD AT THE RIPLEY ADMINISTRATION BUILDING: 120 Meriam Road, Concord MA (please enter through doors off back parking lot) 
* This workshop includes material that is applicable to the needs of diverse learners and children with special needs. 

Session IV: Wednesday May 29, 2019  6:30-8:30 PM,  EEC Core Competency:  2
Reducing Anxiety in the Preschool Classroom*
Originally scheduled for March 27th
Presenter: Jessica Minahan, M.Ed, BCBA, LABA, Behavior Analyst, author of The Behavior Code: A Practical Guide to Understanding and Teaching the Most Challenging Students, with Nancy Rappaport (Harvard Education Press, 2012), and author of The Behavior Code Companion: Strategies, Tools, and Interventions for Supporting Students with Anxiety-Related or Oppositional Behaviors (Harvard Education Press, 2014).
Jessica Minahan, a nationally renowned presenter, is a licensed and board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA), author, special educator, and consultant to schools internationally.  Since 2000 she has worked with students who struggle with mental health issues and challenging behavior in public school systems. She specializes in training staff and creating behavior intervention plans for students who demonstrate explosive and unsafe behavior. She also works with students who have emotional and behavioral disabilities, anxiety disorders, or high-functioning Autism.

With up to one in four children struggling with anxiety in this country, overwhelmed adults are in need of a new approach as well as an effective and easy-to-implement toolkit of strategies that work. Through the use of case studies, humorous stories, and examples of common challenging situations, participants will learn easy to implement preventive tools, strategies, and interventions for reducing anxiety, increasing self-regulation, accurate thinking, and self-monitoring.
* This workshop includes material that is applicable to the needs of diverse learners and children with special needs. 

Session V: Wednesday, April 24, 2019  6:30-8:30 PM,  EEC Core Competency:  8
Building Positive Strength-Based Teams

Presenter: Susan MacDonald, Founder of Inspiring New Perspectives, and author of the award-winning book Inspiring Early Childhood Leadership: Eight Strategies to Ignite Passion and Transform Program Quality, Susan has been a director of a Reggio inspired preschool program, adjunct faculty at Lesley University, Wheelock College and Southern New Hampshire University, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts licensing supervisor. She is the current president of Boston Area Reggio Inspired Network and past vice president of the MassAEYC.

Children thrive in environments where the adults model positive relationships and create communities based on trust and respect. In this workshop we will examine the impact that toxic stress in a classroom has on young children’s brain development and social-emotional skills. We will explore strategies for enhancing your professional skills to help you communicate effectively with your co-workers, as well as techniques to reduce gossip. We will use the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct as a guide to create strength-based team relationships and a positive environment for children and adults.

Session VI: Wednesday, May 22, 2019 6:30-8:30 PM,  EEC Core Competency: 3
My Family, Your Family, Our Family: How Culture Impacts Families,

Parenting and Education*

Presenter: Professor Shelly-Ann Dewsbury, LICSW. Shelly-Ann is the Director of Field Education for the BSW program at Simmons School of Social Work. She has many years of experience working in the field both locally and abroad, and was raised and educated in Jamaica and Trinidad, West Indies. She has worked with families from many different cultures in non-profits across the greater Boston area, including Horizons for Homeless Children.  

Our world is becoming increasingly diverse and understanding how culture impacts the family and how it shapes parenting and family interaction is key to the work we do as professionals.  We will examine how our knowledge of cultural and religious practices can aid in building the relationship with the family of children in our care.  Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own experience and how their culture may or may not intersect with the culture of the family and how that can inform teaching approaches that they take.
*  This workshop includes material that is applicable to the needs of diverse learners and children with special needs. 


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