“Social Host Liability: As Prom Season Approaches and Parties Gear Up, What You Need to Know About Your Liability for Alcohol & Marijuana At Home”

Presented by John Sofis Scheft, Esq.
Tuesday April 24th at 7 PM at the CCHS Auditorium
This program is made possible due to generous support from Healthy Concord, part of the Town of Concord’s Department of Health, and support from Concord-Carlisle Youth Services.

To help us prepare for the evening please pre-register for this free event 


There is so much misinformation about criminal and civil liability associated with youth alcohol and marijuana use in Massachusetts. Come and learn the facts from a former prosecutor and defense attorney who specializes in these issues. What is the “social host” law? What are consequences for youth possession? How about for marijuana cultivation and in-home possession? How about operating under the influence? What are the rules for “gifting” marijuana? What are police allowed to do when they arrive at a home in response to a party? Get these and your own questions answered.

Attorney John Sofis Scheft appeared before the Supreme Judicial Court concerning marijuana legalization, and is consulted by police departments and municipal officials throughout the Commonwealth. He is the author of several books on Massachusetts criminal law and procedure, and is a frequent presenter to local groups grappling with youth alcohol and substance abuse issues. Audiences appreciate his clear and down-to-earth teaching style.

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